Wikipedia: Flowers have long been admired and used by humans. Most people think that flowers are beautiful.

Many people also love flowers for their fragrances (scents).
People enjoy seeing flowers growing in gardens. People also enjoy growing flowers in their backyards, outside their homes.

People often wear flowers on their clothes or give flowers as a gift during special occasions, holidays, or rituals, such as the birth of a new baby (or a Christening), at weddings (marriages), at funerals (when a person dies).

People often buy flowers from businesses called florists.


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Get Well Flowers

The language of flowers has long been used in superstitious beliefs and dates back for thousands of years. Sending “Get Well” flowers to show someone you care is one of the best things that can happen to someone who is sick or is recuperating. Nothing can be more emotional than getting stuck in the hospital alone and waiting for the visiting hours to expect the friends and family coming for a visit.

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Flowers can be delivered in small bouquets or in baskets with Get Well cards filled with well wishes on a fast recover. The flowers are these little details that can brighten the hospital room or the bedroom once recovery is underway. But do you know that there are superstitious beliefs regarding Get Well flowers?

In some countries where religion is paramount to cultures, flowers given to someone who is sick or recuperating may mean something else.

If a potential beau, for instance, gives white flowers to a lady love who is sick, this means that there is purity in his intentions, “in sickness and in health….?” However, if the beau is not well liked by the family and he sends the white flowers, some elder (usually a parent or grandparent) can make the beau go away or the relationship not flourish by setting the flowers in a vase on the altar and lighting a candle.

Funeral Flowers

Another is a little bit more serious. If the sick individual is sent white lilies in the hospital, then that person is not sending a Get Well message, this means that the person, who sends the flowers mean harm for the patient and for those who believe in the superstition, could actually delay the recovery, maybe complications may arise out of it. White flowers symbolize death in some Asian cultures.

Flowers that are generally given for a sick or recovering patient are chrysanthemums for long life, yarrow for health and speedy recovery, shell pink rose for good health. A combination of the three would generally send a message of “wishing for your speedy recover, good health and long life.”

 But what about if a sick man is sent Get Well flowers by a woman? Is that even done? The answer is “yes, it is done.” Men generally like to receive flowers that have strong and vibrant colors. A safe bouquet can be made from chrysanthemum in varying colors, they should not number 13 or four, and unless the woman is a lover or a wife, then they should never send one single flower.

Know what flowers to send for someone sick before some superstitions get the better out of the message of well wishes.